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GRANT, MN - At the recent April 13th Stillwater Area Public School Board Meeting, Chairman George Hoeppner was heard making indecent, violent comments during the course of meeting. After a presentation and comment from a teacher, Hoeppner said if middle teachers didn't behave a certain way that they should be "cuffed upside the head." The comments set off alarm among the Stillwater Community. A petition has been started requesting Hoepnner's immediate resignation from the school board. Hoepnner a long time school board member, retired Stillwater Area High School teacher, and grandfather has yet to resign. The petition started on cites Hoeppner for the following numerous faults and illicit behaviors over time including:

  • open meeting law violations;
  • lack of oversight of health and safety at Stillwater Area Public Schools
  • lack of oversight of bond tax dollar use; and
  • public defense of Director of Finance conflict of interest allegations regarding
    husband receiving undisclosed fees from sale of school district bond funds

See video of Hoepnner's comments. Hoepnner's term expires in December 2018.


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