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GRANT, MN - The Mahtomedi School Board recently came to terms with Superintendent Mark Larson for a new three year contract that will run through school year 2020. Larson was previously paid a base salary of $175,000 annually. Larson's new contract gives annual raises to first year salary $181,230, second year $183,042 and third year $184,873. Larson's contract includes annual benefits of 52 days of paid time off, mileage and travel. According to Mahtomedi School Board Chair Lucy Payne "the board spent hours on Dr. Larson's contract through the negotiation process." The negotiation process included several closed door school board meetings and there was little to no public input on Dr. Larson's performance. 

 Shortly after Dr. Larson's new contract was secured, it was announced that the Mahtomedi School District is currently facing a budget deficit of $1.036 million dollars. Interim Director of Business Services Todd Netzke stated the school district will have to make possible budget reductions that will impact staffing and programs. The specifics of these reductions have not yet been announced by the school district. The school district feels it may make up the deficit by increasing student enrollment. However, the demand for open enrollment in to the Mahtomedi School District has fallen off as of lately and applications are down from past numbers. There has been less and less open enrollment requests for acceptance in to the school district, especially the new Wildwood Elementary. 

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