Discussion of Hydrovac Dumping Slurry in Grant, Solar Farms, Legislative Update.

Applications for Solar Farm and Conditional Use Permit for Larry and Maureen Lanoux.
See moving public testimony on behalf of Lanouxs'.


Grant City Council discusses Road Maintenance Contract with KEJ Enterprises, Farms of Grant Major Subdivision,
Development of a Solar Farm, Annexation Request, City Newsletter. Mayor Huber makes every attempt to
silence Councilman Lanoux.


Discussion about flooding homes and roads in Grant (Huber & Carr put off discussion until later), Public Hearing on Solar Farms in Grant (no citizens came to speak about issue), upcoming meetings and a lot of sparring between Huber and Lanoux. Council Member Denny Kaup said about 4 words during the entire meeting - "shut up." was two of them.


City Council Meeting from April 4, 2017. Mayor Jeff Huber, Councilmen Tom Carr and Dennis Kaup suppress, ideas and discussion from Councilmen Larry Lanoux and Loren Sederstrom. Refusal to discuss fire protection contracts, a lot of sparring between Mayor Huber, Councilman Lanoux and Councilman Carr.