Who is the Grinch of Grant? Well, none other than Grant Minnesota Mayor Jeff Huber. 



Grant Mayor Jeff Huber's Grinch List of Deeds from 2017

  • Proclaimed himself a "Part Time Mayor," and is not fully invested for the safety, health and welfare of the Residents of Grant;
  • Starts meaningless litigation against Citizens of Grant that oppose his job and views.
  • Set up a personal email with the name "GrantCon" - calling himself the Con of Grant. 
  • Instead of working on behalf of the residents of Grant, Huber is spending his time litigating against citizens acting as his own attorney (Huber is not a licensed attorney). Huber stated in an email he is busy working on cases. 
  • Restricts use of taxpayer funded Grant Town Hall to only two civic groups;
  • Allows and supports commercial hydrovac dumping in the City of Grant after receiving dozens of resident complaints. Huber wrote in
    an email to City Engineer in September "Good work on the 110th & Joliet issue, keep the process tight and by the book and then its 
    always defensible."
  • Not only is Huber Mayor of Grant, but he also is self appointed Cable Commissioner with a $2000 plus benefit package. Huber voted to take away religious and government cable channels from Grant.
  • Voted to place Wildwood Elementary on former Bellaire Sanitation Superfund Waste Site, then turns around and mocks pending legislation that
    would require annual parent notification and stop any new schools from being constructed on former industrial toxic waste sites. 
  • Wrote condescending email responses to local Grant residents who expressed concern and asked questions about the hydrovac dumping activity taking place on 110th and Joliet. Often closing the email with "Good Day, Jeff Huber."
  • Waited over a month to take any action on assisting with flooded homes in Grant;
  • Found Guilty in two separate campaign violations lawsuits;
  • Was investigated in two separate cases of filing false police reports against citizens that opposed his political policies;
  • Suspected of terroristic activities against residents supporting a City Charter;
  • Files formal complaints against Citizens of Grant costing local taxpayers excessive legal costs in lieu of spending money on fixing roads and infrastructure;
  • Removed public comment from being recorded;
  • Censored citizens from participation;
  • Denied solar farm application without findings of fact and disregarding city planner and city planning commission recommendations;
  • Denied the formation of a citizens advisory to review and rewrite upcoming city comprehensive plan;
  • Denied the request to form a citizens road committee
  • Fails to honor campaign promises 
  • Participates with Mahtomedi Mayor Judd Marshall and MetCouncil for hostile annexation of 300 plus acres turning over decision making over to the Office of Administrative Hearings 
  • Ruling as a dictator failing to follow Robert's Rules, Parliamentary Procedures or League of Minnesota Guidelines