GRANT, MN - Jocelyn Road has had a main stretch closed since last spring due to flooding. This stretch of road is now dried out, and ready for use. However, Grant Mayor Jeff Huber has stated that the City of Grant is not going to utilize necessary funding to fill the road with the material needed to make Jocelyn Road drive-able. Having Jocelyn Road closed has been a burden for residents and has made it difficult for residents to reach Highway 36 or County Road 12. Local school buses have been re-routed due to part of the road being closed. 

Jocelyn Avenue Dry
Jocelyn Road Dry

Part of Jocelyn Avenue Closed
Part of Jocelyn Road Closed

While Jocelyn Road Remains Closed, Mayor Huber and Council Member Carr Have Joliet Avenue (their home road) Newly Reconstructed & Repaved

Joliet Avenue was recently reconstructed with brand new asphalt in September. City of Grant records reveal Mayor Huber and the City Council approved their road improvement project to move forward at the July 7th, 2020 City Council Meeting with no citizen petition from affected property owners. Mayor Huber stated there was no one to do a petition and used "rough napkin math" to count supportive emails and public hearing speakers to conclude the city had the 51% support of affected property owners.  However, after a review of city records, it was revealed that only 39% of property owners (including Carr & Huber) showed support for the project.


Joliet Avenue Newly Reconstructed
Joliet Avenue Newly Reconstructed
Joliet Avenue Newly Reconstructed
Joliet Avenue Newly Reconstructed

In the same July 7th, 2020 City Council Meeting, Mayor Huber and the Grant City Council held other road improvement projects to different standard than Joliet Avenue Road Improvement Project:

  • Inwood Avenue & 105th -  Was approved for road improvement with a required 51% citizen petition and letter of intent;
  • Pine Tree Estates - Was not approved to move forward because there was not a 51% citizen petition;
  • Joliet Avenue & Woodland Acres - Was approved to move forward with no citizen petition or letter of intent. Mayor Huber called the project "council directed," and used rough projections to calculate 51% support

See Videos Below of July 7th, 2020 City Council Discussion on each project above