The All Around Grant Show from February 2020, where Loren Sederstrom and Diana Longrie, J.D. discuss:

*Mayor Huber uses "get out of jail free card" by using his City of Grant Mayor Card with North St. Paul Police. Caught red handed dumpster diving. 
*Mayor Huber and city council reject a business storage unit in the Business District of Grant, losing the city potential tax revenue
*Flooding of Southern Grant the cities plan to buy out and destroy homes vs. correcting the issue. Mayor Huber chooses the "do nothing" option to fix, instead makes the dams larger vs. fixing the culverts. Does not install water pumps. City of Mahtomedi Fire Department states the Stillwater Fire Department would have to take boats to service homes impacted by the flooding. 
*Mayor Huber and city council approve a commercial use, huge wildlife rehabilitation center that includes bears, coyotes. Will house 25 employees (in which the city ordinances allows a maximum of 4 that are not related persons).