City of Grant Will Not Comply with Minnesota's Stay Safe Plan

GRANT, MN - The City of Grant's Citywide Clean Up Day was rescheduled from earlier dates due to the COVID-19 Pandemic to tomorrow morning, 
June 6th. The City Administrator, Kim Points, was sent an email inquiry yesterday as to what the city had planned for social distancing measures
at the public event. On the City of Grant's website page about the event, there is no mention of COVID-19, or any type of social distancing measures
or instructions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The most current and active order from Minnesota Department of Health Order states: 

Each household should be in a separate car; carpooling does not comply with social distancing. ▪ Make it clear that people with COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) should not attend – no matter what.  Attendees must remain in the vehicles they arrived in. ▪ If attendees are in cars with the windows up for the entirety of the ceremony, cars may park immediately adjacent to one another. ▪ If attendees are in cars with windows down, cars should park 6 feet apart. ▪ Provide clear messaging that people may not walk to the ceremony or participate outside of vehicles. ▪ Create a traffic flow plan for how vehicles enter and exit the event. ▪ Make the event brief. ▪ Do not serve food or beverages at the event. ▪ There should not be passing of objects or physical contact between vehicles. ▪ If objects are passed from event organizers to car attendees, utilize a long arm claw or other mechanism to maintain adequate distance between organizers and attendees. ▪ Do not provide public or portable bathrooms; this creates a risk of transmission. ▪ Limit the number of speakers to the smallest number possible and ensure they avoid close contact (e.g., within 6 feet) with others. Speakers should not congregate, and should return to their vehicles following presentations. ▪ Whenever possible, use individual microphones if multiple speakers will participate. If a microphone must be shared, consider cleaning between speakers or leaving it untouched on a stand. ▪ Partner with local public safety officials so they are aware of your event.

Why is Mayor Huber serving hot dogs at a time when food is not allowed at social gathering events?

Inquiry was also made to Points as to whether the City of Grant, or Mayor Jeff Huber, held a Special Event License through the Washington County
Health Department which would permit them to serve food, specifically hot dogs (a high risk meat), to the general public.  A search on Mayor Huber's
name did not yield that he had a Food Handlers or was a Certified Food Protection Manager License. 

Will You Eat One of Mayor Huber's Hot Dogs?