GRANT, MN - What is going on at the City of Grant Council Meetings? Absolutely nothing, boring, "do nothing" city council. The City of Grant Mayor Jeff Huber nor any of the city councilmen had one update of anything going on in the city. A 38 minute meeting, with little substance, followed by no updates from anyone.  The “city staff” with the blessings of the mayor and his accomplices tightly control all decisions by use of the consent agenda and prepared motions and resolutions. 


More importantly, why do we have a city government?  Police and Fire and building codes are farmed out. Complaints are only considered if a citizen complains.  No expenditures or discussions on city assets, like the land that it owns.  The only matter left is the roads and any paved road improvements must be financed by the owners themselves, even though the city owns the road through deed and bears the responsibility to maintain and fully repair. Newly Elected City Council Member John Rog has been absent for four out of the eight city council meetings (half) so far in 2019 (really working hard for the citizens), is he really too busy or just figured out he is a pawn for Mayor Jeff Huber?


The planning commission has only met once in 2019 and that was January. 


To top it off, the “city staff” generally attends the meetings and are compensated, even though no input is needed or action items on the agenda.  And of course the public input is severely curtailed with  no action on the public input and limited to non-agenda items.