GRANT, MN - A proposal that would site a privately constructed youth hockey arena on Mahtomedi Public School Property, directly on top of a former Mixed Municipal Toxic Waste Dump, has had multiple questions on who would foot the bill to operate the highly expensive ice arena. The private company leasing the school district's land, Rinc 2 Corp., has stated that the cost to operate the arena would fall back on their private corporation (a brand, new corporation with no track record of operating ice arenas).

However, according to a July 2018 Deposition of City of Grant Mayor Jeff Huber, he testified that the plan was to have the private company construct the arena and then after it was built it would be turned back over the Mahtomedi Public Schools to operate, burdening the operating costs on the state and local taxpayers. A small school district like Mahtomedi Public Schools cannot afford to operate a costly ice arena without significant impact to the local property taxpayers.