City of Grant Planning Commission Meeting December 18, 2018

It was revealed that more than 40,000 to 50,000 Cubic Yards of Toxic Material in a old buried municipal waste dump is only 200 feet away from Wildwood Elementary in ISD 832, Mahtomedi Public Schools, where eight toxins exceeded RSV (Residential Screening Values). Government officials do not know the extent of the toxicity and what is actually in the dump and how far it has spread, or where the toxic plume is. They cannot answer any of these questions. Some Mahtomedi Youth Hockey parents display idiocracy at its finest. Now instead of containing and proactively monitoring this dump, they want to unearth a portion of this toxic dump (not all of it) to construct a youth ice arena. The famous motto for this group should not be "Once a Zephyr, Always a Zephyr," it should be "Live a Zephyr, Die a Zephyr." It is sad day for these young learners going to Wildwood Elementary and that some parents are actually open enrolling from other neighbor school districts and driving their children to Wildwood Elementary.

Watch as City of Grant Planning Commission Chair John Rog tries to censor Shaffer's question about building the arena on a dumpsite.