City of Grant Residents Vote for Quiet and Behind Scenes City Council for Next Two Years. Rog and Giefer in for afternoon coffee and friendship of Huber and Carr, nothing more.

GRANT, MN - John Rog and Jeff Giefer won City of Grant Council seats over incumbents, Larry Lanoux and Loren Sederstrom. During the next two years, City of Grant residents can expect short meetings, unanimous & uncontested votes and city work to be done out of the public eye. Rog a self-proclaimed, stringent "rule follower," will be taking orders from Mayor Huber and be expected to sit quiet at city council meetings for the next two years with little input or emotion. Giefer's role as a city councilmember will also be to show up and be quiet. 

Current Councilmember Dennis Kaup Model Example for Rog and Giefer

The next City of Grant Council election will be held in 2020, in which Huber, Carr and Kaup will be up for re-election. Giefer and Rog will be expected to follow Kaup for the next two years, who is quiet and has no real influence on city matters. Kaup speaks few words at the city council meetings and votes 100% with Huber and Carr. When Kaup does speak at city council meetings, he has been prompted by Huber. Huber can be often heard giving Kaup a rehearsed opinion, then expects Kaups to vocally reinforce his points. The next City of Grant Council Meeting is on Tuesday, December, 4th at 7:00 PM.