Rog and Giefer far from "following the rules"

City of Grant Council Candidate John Rog states multiple times in City Council Debate "Follow the Rules" 

Grant City Council Candidates Rog and Giefer also attach their campaign flyers to mailboxes. Federal Law Prohibits this action under 18 U.S.C. 1725. The law states: "Whoever knowingly and willfully deposits any mailable matter such as statements of accounts, circulars, sale bills, or other like matter, on which no postage has been paid, in any letter box established, approved, or accepted by the Postal Service for the receipt or delivery of mail matter on any mail route with intent to avoid payment of lawful postage thereon, shall for each such offense be fined under this title."

GRANT, MN, By: Kirk Litenby 

City of Grant Attorney directs Building & Code Enforcement Official to have sign removed from Welander's private property.


City Attorney David Snyder from Johnson-Turner Legal fails to take immediate action to have illegally placed campaign signs of John Rog, Jeff Giefer and News in Grant in the right of way. This violates Minnesota Statute, Fair Campaign Practices and City of Grant Zoning Ordinances. 

City Attorney David Snyder from Johnson/Turner Legal picks winners and losers. Snyder and the City of Grant allows Axdahl's Farm to place signs without a Conditional Use Permit and permission to place multiple signs in property. A complaint was filed and Fails to notify Bob Zick of action taken after filing a formal complaint of zoning violation.

It is time to remove City of Grant Attorney David Snyder from Johnson/Turner Legal as attorney before the City of Grant loses again in court for being Arbitrary and Capricious. The City of Grant does apply fair and equal applications of Grant Policy and Procedures.