If you missed the Grant City Council Debate, held last Saturday, October 20th, it is now available for viewing.The debate was held late in the election season, only after Grant City Council Incumbents, Loren Sederstrom and Larry Lanoux made multiple requests to the League of Women Voters to hold a debate. Lanoux and Sederstrom took affirmative stances on the right to farm and allow commercial solar gardens in the City of Grant, while Rog opposed and Giefer was undecided, flipping his position from his affirmative yes vote while on the planning commission. Another hot topic discussed was the City of Grant's Current Road Maintenance and Repair policy. Lanoux and Sederstrom both felt the city has no viable road repair and maintenance policy in place that is fair to all residents. Rog and Giefer felt the city has a great road repair plan that is working, and residents that live on paved roads should pay through the assessment process to fix their own. Other topics discussed were open meeting laws, city council members right to speak at public meetings, use of town hall, protecting our water wells, proposed hockey arena on Mahtomedi School District Property. The full debate can be watched at the end of this article.

Rog's Theme "Follow The Rules" Deserves Scrutiny 

Lanoux and Sederstrom challenger, John Rog, made his theme of the debate to simply "follow the rules," set by city ordinances. Rog hammered on Lanoux and Sederstrom throughout the debate as not being rule followers. Lanoux rebutted him when it came to Rog's action of going through an unorthodox way of paving the road in front of his own home. Lanoux alleged that Rog did not follow the city ordinances when it came to the paving of his own road. Rog snapped back at Lanoux calling him a "liar," and Rog was then immediately warned by the debate moderator that she would not allow any more personal attacks by Rog. Upon further review, City of Grant Records reveal that Rog did not follow the City of Grant ordinances when it came to the paving of his own road. If Rog would have followed the ordinance correctly, the road would have been required to have been paved from the intersection to the next intersection, and it was not in Rog's case. The City of Grant was arbitrary and capricious when it allowed Rog to do this. The City of Grant also allowed Rog to pay for his own road without going through the assessment process. At a City of Grant Road Repair Meeting that was held last May, resident Richard Donohoo inquired to the city if citizens could pay for the repair and reconstruction of their own road without going through the assessment process, and he was told no by the City of Grant Roads Engineer, Brad Reifsteck. See the video below of these events: 


Giefer Shoots Messenger Lanoux

Also in the debate, Lanoux pointed out to city council seat challenger, Jeff Giefer, that open meeting law violations were in question regarding a proposed private hockey arena. Lanoux made reference to a presentation made by Rinc. 2 Inc. Organizer, Alex Rogosheske, at the September 18th, 2018 Mahtomedi City Council Meeting. During the presentation, Rogosheske, stated that had discussion with Planning Commission Members Giefer and Rog they are in favor of the rink. Lanoux stated these facts in the debate. Giefer rebutted back calling Lanoux's statement "absurd."  Rog also stated that he had no idea what Lanoux was talking about in regards to the proposed hockey arena. Watch this video clip from the Mahtomedi City Council Meeting:   



Watch the Entire City of Grant Council Debate