Mahtomedi Public Schools Continues to Experience Big Financial Losses from Out of School District Non-Resident Students


MAHTOMEDI, MN – According to the Minnesota Department of Education, the total cost to educate a Mahtomedi Public Schools Resident Student today is $17,722. In 2016-17 Mahtomedi Public Schools had total reported expenditures of $47,739,913. The student demographic of Mahtomedi Public Schools includes: 2395 resident students, and 839 non-resident open enrolled students. Mahtomedi Public Schools received total revenue of $5,295,768 from the State of Minnesota to educate non-resident students ($6312 average state revenue received per student).

For the 2016-17 School Year, White Bear Lake Area Public Schools the highest number of non-resident students open enrolling in to Mahtomedi Public Schools at 418 students. While Mahtomedi Public Schools had received state revenue of $2,638,416 to educate students from White Bear Lake Area Public Schools, they had expenditures of $6,170,465. 


Mahtomedi Public Schools Continues Be A Open Enrollment Financial Drainer and Loser 

The Mahtomedi Public School District has stood firm behind their open enrollment policy of taking in a high percentage of non-resident students to support adding staff and student programs. The Mahtomedi School District believes in having a “right-size” of non-resident students, which is anywhere from 25% to 35% of total student enrollment, the state average in Minnesota is 9%. According to the 2016-17 Minnesota Department of Education Consolidated Statement, Mahtomedi Public Schools has a current debt load of $81 million dollars. On November 6th, Mahtomedi Public Schools will ask local property taxpayers for a triple tax property increase over ten years. On a $350K home, Years 2019-21 = $159 increase (Voter Approved Referendum Amount = $1020); Years 2022-24 = $318 increase (Voter Approved Referendum Amount = $1295); and Years 2025-28 = $477 increase (Voter Approved Referendum Amount = $1570).



Mahtomedi Public Schools along with Pro-Tax Levy Group “VoteYes832” utilize and communicate misleading property tax increase chart

The Mahtomedi Public School District has published a misleading chart and makes it appear as if the increasing property tax is a nominal $159 flat tax amount, rather than the actual increasing, accumulating local property tax.