Grant City Council Members Lanoux and Sederstrom Offer Assistance to Victim

GRANT, MN - A massive fire destroyed a barn on 105th Street and Jamaca Avenue last evening. Both Mahtomedi and Stillwater Fire Departments responded to put out the blaze. The victim's home was not effected by the fire.

Grant City Council Members Larry Lanoux and Loren Sederstrom both went to the scene to offer the homeowner assistance and shelter if needed. The homeowner's immediate dwelling was intact and in livable condition. There were no animals in need of assistance. 

The Mahtomedi and Stillwater Fire Departments both responded to this fire. At this month's recent City of Grant Budget Meeting Council Member Lanoux, proposed to move the boundaries back to be more Stillwater Fire Department based because they have a higher ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating than the Mahtomedi Fire Department.

Last night, the Stillwater and Mahtomedi Fire Departments did not utilize the nearby dry fire hydrant that was installed by the City of Grant to help fight fires in North Grant. The barn may have not been a total loss if the dry fire hydrant would have been maintained and functioning properly by the City of Grant. Grant Mayor Jeff Huber has taken credit for installing the dry fire hydrant and most recently has taken responsibility for both repair and maintenance of this dry fire hydrant that failed. 

A similar situation occurred in October 2015, when a home on Irish Ave. N. was also not able to use the dry fire hydrant that was not properly maintained or serviced by the City of Grant.