Beware of more lies and misinformation.

Which one of Mayor Jeff Huber's newly appointed planning commissioners will run for city council?

Will it be Jeff Giefer? Washington County Court documents will show a conviction for disorderly conduct.

Can the city afford more dysfunction at the council table?

Will it be John Rog Chairman of the Planning Commission that sat quietly while his neighbor set up commercial hydrovac dumping 3M liquid waste unto the Browns Creek Watershed. Why was John Rog allowed to install a black top road ending at of his property without the same requirements the rest of Grant citizens must abide by?

Will it be Bob Tufty and Jerry Helander that admit to being part of website that is full of lies and misinformation?

A quorum of planning commissioners, along with Huber, Carr and the city administrator are currently engaged in a lawsuit 
for open meeting violations. A picture is worth a thousand words. 


Remember in 2013 when Grant Councilman Jeff Huber and Mayor Tom Carr petitioned Washington County District Court explaining the benefits of a Charter Commission Resolution 2013-8.  

It was the same meeting that Huber and Carr disbanded the planning commission and took away the citizens and 4H rights to use town hall. 

It was only recently that Huber and Carr brought back a planning commission and appointed members willing to do their duty work. Planning Commissioners Bob Tufty and Jerry Helander, along with Huber and Carr, signed and got signatures to disband the charter commission. Sixty five of the citizens of Grant signed a document stating that they were provided insufficient and misleading information about the charter commission. 

Beware if you indicate that you do not support them than don't be surprised if they direct city staff to pull your property file digging for dirt.

The City of Grant deserves better than more of Huber and Carr's Mini Me's willing to second every one of their motions as City Councilman Denny Kaup has done. Kaup also came from the planning commission.

Do not believe their campaign literature or their smiley faces without checking the facts. If you are willing to stand up against this corruption and dysfunction then please sign up to run for city council. Applications available from the city clerk. Deadline is Tuesday, August 14, 5:00.