GRANT, MN - The word is out that two slots are open for those who may be interested in running for the city council. So far only Planning Commission members John Rog and Jeff Kieffer who are aligned with the council majority have signed up.


If they are elected there will be no balanced discussion on city issues let alone any communications about what takes place behind the scenes like commercial hydrovacing on private property, law suit settlements made in closed meetings and approving plans for a commercial hockey facility on school property.


There will be no change in attitude towards minimizing property damage from flooding; maintaining wash boarded gravel and potholed asphalt roads as well as Town Hall property. Look for more hop scotch development like wedding barns, supper clubs and hockey rinks on school and private property.


If you are interested in running for city council the time is short for signing up. The deadline for filing is 5:00 p.m. August 14, 2018. Application forms and election details are available at the city office at 111 Wildwood Road in downtown Willernie, Minnesota. The office phone number is 651-426- 3383.