Mayor Jeff Huber refuses to listen or engage City Councilman Larry Lanoux's Motion to Address Road Quality and Health, Safety Issues in the City of Grant

GRANT, MN -  The City of Grant Council Meeting was short and ended abruptly Tuesday Night after the Council Majority - Grant Mayor Jeff Huber, City Councilmen Tom Carr and Dennis Kaup abruptly voted to shut down the meeting in less than 30 minutes. Grant Mayor Jeff Huber refused to address motions or discussion by Council Member Larry Lanoux to add any discussion regarding Health, Safety and Welfare issues regarding City of Grant Road Quality. Minority Council Members Lanoux and Loren Sederstrom voted to continue the meeting. This was the third month in a row that Mayor Huber stopped the meeting and stormed out of the building refusing to listen to Lanoux's motions, amended motions, or requests to remove items off the consent agenda for discussion.

Mayor Jeff Huber, Carr and Kaup leave important City of Grant Agenda Items and Grant Residents in Limbo. 
Who is Jane Doe?

There were several Grant Residents in attendance at the meeting that were there to seek approval on personal items that will have to wait until the next City Council Meeting on September 4th. Mayor Huber continued to lay sole and personal blame on Council Member Lanoux for all of City of Grant's problems and high legal costs. But one could refer to the August City Council Meeting Agenda, which lists 4 separate items under new business titled "Consideration of "date" Executive Session Meeting Minutes (Lanoux Abstain)". These agenda items pertain to a lawsuit filed by City of Grant Administrator Kim Points, who has been to referred by the City of Grant, as "Jane Doe," instead of using Ms. Points actual name. With direction from Grant Mayor Jeff Huber, Ms. Points had filed a lawsuit against the City of Grant and named Council Member Lanoux as the reason. The City of Grant pushed for a quick monetary settlement and wrote a check to Ms. Points in the amount of $50,000 with no legal discovery or real litigation time. The $50,000 amount was settled and paid right before this Fall Grant City Council Election Season will kick off. There will be no surprise to see Mayor Jeff Huber publishing multiple fliers this election season on behalf of his chosen candidates about how Council Member Lanoux caused the City of Grant high legal expenses.  

Mayor Jeff Huber Continues to Foster Circus-Like Atmosphere In Grant City Meetings

Jeckle and Hyde City of Grant Mayor Jeff Huber continues to lay blame for disruptive meetings on Council Member Lanoux. Mayor Jeff Huber puts on a show to be a genuine person at the City of Grant Meetings, but it is all a show. Behind the scenes there is no bigger bully and instigator of legal complaints and filings than City of Grant Mayor Jeff Huber. Huber's name has been on multiple personal complaints and legal actions against various residents in the City of Grant. One example, in October of 2017, he sued 2016 Former Mayoral Opponent, myself "Shannon Bryant," alleging six different campaign violations in the State of Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings and Minnesota Campaign Finance Board. All allegations and counts were dismissed by the court and the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board with no fines or penalties. One can read Huber's ramblings on his website "News In Grant" about all different residents of Grant and the personal issues he has with them. 

Mayor Jeff Huber Leads Consultants and City Attorney by Fear and Intimidation 

Mayor Jeff Huber admitted in the City of Grant Budget Meeting that he is the only member of the Grant City Council that is allowed to talk to or make direction to the City of Grant Consultants and City Attorney. Watch Video of City Attorney David Snyder follow Mayor Huber to the back of Grant Town Hall to take orders. 

Watch Full City Council Meeting that Was Shut Down By Grant Mayor Jeff Huber