GRANT, MN - The City of Grant, through their City Engineer, Brad Reifsteck of WSB, has announced a Special Meeting to be 
held on Thursday, May 31st from 6:00 to 7:30 at the Woodbury Lutheran Church - Oak Hill Campus, 9050 60th Street North, Stillwater, MN 55082. 

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss road maintenance and repair. The City of Grant has currently allocated $68,000 for street maintenance for following roads: 107th Street, Jody Avenue, Justen Trail, Janero Avenue and Grenelefe Avenue.  The $68,000 will only be enough for the same patching and bare minimum maintenance road policy that has been in place for some time. 

City of Grant Will Push for Residents to Pay for Own Reconstruction and Repair of Roads

Even though the City of Grant has $1 million in reserves collected from City of Grant taxpayers, they will recommend citizens to pay for their own road reconstruction. The City of Grant requires citizens to be proactive in initiating their own neighborhood petition with a minimum of 75% signatures to start the process of road reconstruction.

City of Grant Councilmen Larry Lanoux and Loren Sederstrom take Common Sense Approach to Road Repair

If you live on a county road in Grant you will have road reconstruction 100% paid for. If you live on a city street in Grant, you will be responsible for your own road repair. At the May City Council Meeting a lengthy discussion of road repair and maintenance took place. City Councilman Larry Lanoux pointed out City of Grant roads that have had an overlay done by the city over the last couple of years under their "street maintenance" plan have extensive cracking. Lanoux counted over 70 cracks on one recently repaired road. Lanoux also asked the City Engineer if he had ever driven the roads proposed for a road maintenance plan, he said no but he plans to. As the discussion continued, Grant Mayor Jeff Huber timed and announced the minutes of Lanoux's comments and concerns to the city engineer, instead of allowing Lanoux to make his points on this topic.

Grant City Councilman Loren Sederstrom feels the city has been cheap and negligent when it comes to taking care of the city roads. Sederstrom pointed out the city has over $1 million in reserve funding and doesn't want to spend any funds to repair city roads now when the price is lower rather than later when the project will be more expensive. 

Watch Video of Road Repair and Maintenance Discussion from the May Grant City Council Meeting