March 23, 2018, MAHTOMEDI, MN  - At yesterday’s Mahtomedi Public School Board Study Session, the school district revealed a list of proposed changes and reductions in student programming and extracurricular activities for the 2018-19 school year. The school district has to shore up a $1.6 million planned budget deficit.  It was also revealed at the meeting that the school district is also operating at only a 6% cash reserve fund balance, when the school district policy requires the school district to keep 8% minimum in cash reserves. The state average for school district cash reserves in Minnesota is 20%. The school district administration proposed operating at the 6% in lieu of making more cuts in programming.

 The planned reductions and changes in student programming include the following:

  •        All Elementary Spanish (Mahtomedi Superintendent Mark Larson stated that Spanish is not mandated as a state education requirement, but Physical Education, Art and Music are. There will be a greater emphasis on Art).
  •       Young Scholars Program
  •       One Full Time 2nd Grade Teacher;
  •       One Full Time 5th Grade Teacher;
  •       One Full Time Middle School Counselor;
  •     One Full Time Math Teacher at the Middle School;
  •     Part Time Teaching Positions at the Middle School for Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Phys. Ed & Health, Spanish and Music;
  •     Full Time Teachers at the High School for FACS, Social Studies, Science, Math and Language Arts;
  •     Part Time Teaching Positions at the High School for Phys. Ed & Health, French, Fine Art;
  •     B Squad Coaches for Football, Volleyball, Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Basketball, Baseball and Softball
  •     Full Time Q – Comp Coach
  •     DMG (District Management Group) Contract
  •     High School Lunch and Learn Program will change to a First Hour Flextime Program

Mahtomedi Public School Class Sizes to Increase Above Seven County Metro Average

In Grades 1 – 4 class sizes will increase anywhere from one to three more students than the seven county metro average.  For example, at O.H. Anderson Elementary, 3rd Grade Class Sizes will increase to 27 students per class (metro average is 24.5). Superintendent Larson stated that class sizes at the high school are large, and some classes are pushing 40 (which may be higher than the state allows).

Mahtomedi Public Schools Will Say Good Bye to Treasured Tenured Teachers at the End of the School Year

In addition to proposed reductions in staff and student programming, the Mahtomedi School District will offer early exit packages to many of the school district’s most tenured teachers, the school district has yet to finalize cost of these packages. The Mahtomedi School Board will vote on the proposed reductions and changes in student programming at the April 12th Regular School Board Meeting.