Grant Mayor Jeff Huber Fear Residents Could Let In Mice and Steal Video Equipment from Grant Town Hall

At the February Grant City Council Meeting, Mayor Jeff Huber along with City Council Members Denny Kaup and Tom Carr voted to remove residents freedom of speech and right to assemble in the Grant Town Hall. First to go was 4H, now the only two non-profit Grant based groups that hold their annual meetings in town hall will no longer be able to use the facility at all. Huber, Kaup and Carr will no longer allow Woodland Acres Homeowners Association and Gateway Trail Association to assemble in Grant Town Hall.

Huber, Kaup, and Carr voted to "yes" to accept the League of Minnesota Cities Recommendations to Remove All Citizens Use of Grant Town Hall.

Councilman Larry Lanoux and Loren Sederstrom voted nay. Lanoux stated "this is the citizens town hall, Grant residents pay taxes to support this facility." But, Mayor Huber cited if they allow citizens to the right to assemble in Grant Town Hall, the groups using the town hall may bring the mice too and the city would have spend additional funds to hire an exterminator. Huber additionally thought it is too much work for the City Administrator to have to drive to the Grant Town Hall to change the security codes when groups wish to use the facility. 

Mayor Jeff Huber and Councilman Tom Carr Have Well Established History of Removing Constitutional Rights from Citizens of Grant

Mayor Huber and Councilman Carr first started by voting yes to remove 4H banners in the Grant Town Hall.  Huber proclaimed "if we let 4H hang a banner then we will have to let the Boy Scouts and the GRP hang a banner in our town hall."  4H was first denied use of town hall when the city adopted a policy and procedures document that only allowed Woodland Acres and the Gateway Trail Association because of their grandfather rights. At last months meeting Huber, Kaup and Carr proved that they don't honor or believe in Grandfather Rights in Grant.

Woodland Acres Homeowners Association Scrambles for Annual Meeting Venue

The Woodland Acres Homeowners Association holds their annual meeting every April. The association requested to use the town hall before the February City Council Meeting. After the meeting, the group received the following email response from the city administrator, "Due to several complaints and current litigation, the Town Hall is no longer available for use. Woodbury Lutheran Church, Oak Hill Campus in Stillwater does have meeting rooms available for group meetings. I apologize for any inconvenience."  However, according to Councilman Lanoux, "Grant Residents do not pay property taxes to support the churches."

Council Majority under Huber and Carr Repeat History of Denial of Use of Town Hall

In recent history, the Council Majority has denied use of the Grant Town Hall for Charter Commission Meetings, the Grant Restoration Project "GRP" to form a Certified Emergency Response Team, a Citizens Road Committee, Valley Branch Flooding on Keats Avenue, discussion and input the City of Grant's Comprehensive Plan, concerned citizens addressing the toxic effects from Minnesota Superfund Sites in Grant, Bellaire Sanitation MND064792427 and Grant Township 3M Dump Site MND981526429. Mayor Jeff Huber, Councilman Tom Carr and Denny Kaup explained they thought the citizens of Grant would vandalize or steal the video equipment used to record council meetings.  Councilmen Lanoux and Sederstrom made the motion to allow all citizens of Grant to use of town hall free of charge.