153 Families Exit Mahtomedi Public Schools Over Last Two School Years

At the January 25th Mahtomedi Public School Board Meeting, it was announced that a total of 153 families have left Mahtomedi Public Schools over the last two years. A presentation was made by Mahtomedi Middle School Principal, Mike Neubeck, as he shared the results of a recent "Student Exit Survey." The school district received about 40 responses out of the 153 back from families, there are still is a lot of unknown reasons for student departures in lieu of the survey.

School Board Member Lucy Payne Questioned Large Number of Departures from Mahtomedi Middle School

According to Neubeck, the "Student Exit Survey" was recently emailed to 153 families who left the district over the past two years: 10 families reported moving out of the school district’s boundaries, 4 families chose to attend private schools, 5 families wanted more challenging academics, 5 families left for social reasons, others left for sports, religious reasons or for online learning. 

Neubeck explained going forward the exit survey will be in place for the current school year and as students withdraw the families will be asked to complete the exit survey. School board members requested additional information on open enrolled students and having the data broken down by school building.