Mayor Huber Attacks Councilman Sederstrom's 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms

GRANT, MN - At the latest City Council Meeting that took place last Tuesday Night, Grant Mayor Jeff Huber attacked Councilman Sederstrom's 2nd Amendment Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. According to Sederstrom, an incident occurred this past fall in which a unknown, angry man entered onto Sederstrom's property. The man was very irate, and came to Sederstrom's door yelling, banging and threatening him. The man refused to leave Sederstrom's property after requested. Sederstrom felt threatened by the man and pulled out his gun. The Washington County Sheriff arrived and no charges were made against Sederstrom.

Mayor Huber Generic Approach Turns to Attack on Councilman Sederstrom

It was obvious that Mayor Huber was attempting to provoke Sederstrom and make him look bad in the public eye. At first Huber points to both Councilmen Lanoux and Sederstrom and says "one of these two pulled a gun on one of the guys employees." There is no record or police reports of Lanoux ever being involved in any incidents involving a gun. As Sederstrom starts to defend himself, Huber questions "Did you or did you not pull a gun?" So clearly, Huber was aware of the situation. Huber made no mention of the details or that Sederstrom was in his own home when the incident occurred.

Mayor Huber Diminishes First Amendment and Second Amendment Constitutional Rights of Grant Citizens

The City of Grant under the council majority, Huber and Councilman Tom Carr, have continued their assault on constitutional rights. The City of Grant already impairs First Amendment rights by restricting public comment, and does not allow the citizens the free right to assemble in the Grant Town Hall. Now an attack on the Second Amendment. The next amendment under attack is yet to be determined at a later date.