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  • 10/19/2020

OPINION: Open Letter to the Residents of Grant

    News in Grant website has a new face, but the rhetoric is still the same old acrimonious hypocritical rambling of a buffoonish un-identified author who likes to showcase an Abe Lincoln’s quote;...

  • 10/08/2020

City of Grant Filled Berm At Sunnybrook Lake

A berm was built and opened in Grant in 2017 to alleviate flooding in the Sunnybrook Lake area. Under the watch of Grant Mayor Jeff Huber, the berm was filled up in the Fall of 2018. There were...

  • 09/18/2020

All Around Grant Show - February 2020

The All Around Grant Show from February 2020, where Loren Sederstrom and Diana Longrie, J.D. discuss: *Mayor Huber uses "get out of jail free card" by using his City of Grant Mayor Card with North St....

  • 08/10/2019

Grant City Council "Do Nothing"

  GRANT, MN - What is going on at the City of Grant Council Meetings? Absolutely nothing, boring, "do nothing" city council. The City of Grant Mayor Jeff Huber nor any of the city councilmen had one...

  • 07/09/2019

All Around Grant March 2019

Loren Sederstrom talks about interesting topics in the City of Grant- All Around Grant - City council changes road policy in less than 30 seconds (may very close attention), wedding barn conditional use permit,...