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  • 08/10/2018

Grant City Council Candidates 2018 Election

GRANT, MN - The word is out that two slots are open for those who may be interested in running for the city council. So far only Planning Commission members John Rog and Jeff Kieffer who are aligned with...

  • 07/19/2018

All Around Grant Show July 2018

Hosts Diana Longrie, J.D. and Grant City Council Member Loren Sederstrom bringTruth and Transparency in Grant, Minnesota. Huber, Carr and Kaup twist facts and truth and silence minority council...

  • 06/21/2018

Grant Residents Report Black Bear Sightings

GRANT, MN - There have been more than one reported black bear sightings in Grant this past week. One sighting was on a property on Joliet Avenue and 103rd. The black bear was reported to be about...

  • 05/30/2018

All Around Grant Show May 2018

Hosts Grant City Councilman Loren Sederstrom and Diana Longrie, JD discuss latest wheeling and dealings in Grant. Mayor Jeff Huber's Disruptions and invents new city rule. Mayor Jeff Huber, City...

  • 05/13/2018

All Around Grant Show from April 2018

Grant City Council Member Loren Sederstrom and Diana Longrie, J.D. discusses the City Attorney's use of the "City of Grant," logo, City Meeting Agenda Issues, censorship with new policies to silence City...