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  • 02/21/2018

All Around Grant Show February 2018

Hosts Diana Longrie, J.D. and Loren Sederstrom discuss what is happening in Grant Politics.Restricted Town Hall Use, 3 Big Rats, Lies, Distortions, and Mudslinging at the Grant City Council Table,...

  • 01/26/2018

Mahtomedi School District Faces Financial Shortfall

Cuts to Student Programs and Class Size Increases are being planned. School Board makes best guess with Student Enrollment Projections.  MAHTOMEDI, MN - At tonight's Mahtomedi School Board Meeting a...

  • 01/18/2018

All Around Grant Show January 2018

GRANT, MN - Grant City Councilman Loren Sederstrom and Co-Host, Diana Longrie, J.D., discuss latest happenings in Grant. New City Attorney, Lot Frontage Rules with Minimum Lot Size, Summary...

  • 01/06/2018

Grant Mayor Jeff Huber Shoots Himself In Foot

Mayor Huber Attacks Councilman Sederstrom's 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms GRANT, MN - At the latest City Council Meeting that took place last Tuesday Night, Grant Mayor Jeff Huber attacked...